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    Nguồn: Sưu tầm
    Người gửi: Nguyễn Thị Phượng
    Ngày gửi: 23h:40' 20-04-2017
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    Đề 4

    (Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút)

    Listen and fill in the blank with ONE word. (2.0 pts)
    Once a farmer lived a comfortable life with his family. His chickens (1)………… many eggs which the farmer used to (2)……………. to buy food and clothing for his family.
    One day, he went to collect the (3)……………. and discovered one of the chickens laid a (4)…………….. egg. He shouted (5)…………… to his wife, “We’re rich! We’re rich!”
    His wife ran to him and they (6)…………….looked at the egg in amazement. The wife wanted more, so her (7)……………… decided to cut (8)…………….. all the chickens and find more gold eggs. (9)…………………, he couldn’t find any eggs. When he finished all, the chickens were dead.
    There were no more eggs of any kind for the (10)……………. farmer and his greedy wife.
    PART TWO: PHONETICS: (0.2 x 10 = 2.0pts)
    I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group. (0.2 x 5 = 1.0pt)
    1. A. switch B. stomach C. match D. catch
    2. A. laughs B. stops C. cars D. works
    3. A. watched B. reduced C. coughed D. raised
    4. A. danger B. angry C. language D. passage
    5. A. highlight B. although C. neighbor D. laugh
    II. Choose the word that has the stress pattern different from that of the other words. (0.2 x 5 = 1.0pt )
    1. A. across B. report C. lunar D. pronounce
    2. A. excellent B. memory C. festival D. semester
    3. A. notice B. surface C. contact D. effect
    4. A. reuse B. compost C. fabric D. mixture
    5. A. natural B. animal C. afternoon D. vegetable
    PART THREE: VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR: (0.2 x 30 = 6.0pts)
    I. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences. (0.2 x 10 = 2.0pts)
    1. Hoa __________________ coins and stamps since she was six.
    A. was collecting
    B. has collected
    C. collected
    D. will collect
    2. His brother is a _________________ boy. He always tells a joke.
    A. handsome
    B. humorous
    C. sociable
    D. energetic
    3. Do you mind if I __________________ your car to work?
    A. drive
    B. driving
    C. to drive
    D. drove
    4. They are ____________ that their son won the championship.
    A. pleasing
    B. sad
    C. delighted
    D. interesting
    5. One hundred dollars ______________ an big amount of money for her.
    A. is
    B. are
    C. were
    D. is being
    6. Don’t overheat the victim _____________ blankets or coats.
    A. on
    B. for
    C. with
    D. from
    7. We are going to __________ a small plane to Ha Long Bay this weekend.
    A. drive
    B. ride
    C. give
    D. take
    8. Mai along with her parents _________________ in the field at this time last Sunday.
    A. was working
    B. were working
    C. has worked
    D. have worked
    9. Nam and Manh have played badminton for two hours, but __________ of them are tired.
    A. none
    B. both
    C. neither
    D. all
    10. The Smiths never go out in the evening, __________?
    A. do they
    B. don’t they
    C. doesn’t he
    D. does he
    II. Give the correct forms of the words given in brackets. (0.2 x 10 = 2.0pts)
    1. The ……… in his province is very dramatic. (LAND)
    2. After taking an aspirin, her headache ……….. (APPEAR)
    3. There are many cultural ………. between the city and the country. (DIFFER)
    4. The ……….. charged me 50.000 VND for each room. (DECORATE)
    5. The temple was built by
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