E 10 – ĐỀ THI THAM KHẢO HKI - 2013

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E 10 – ĐỀ THI THAM KHẢO HKI - 2013
I. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the others.
A. disabled B. mentally C. retarded D. consuming
A. technology B. computer C. newspaper D. miraculous
A. television B. definition C. education D. formation
A. program B. global C. permit D. weather
II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
A. heavy B. reading C. headline D. weather
A. subject B. wonderful C. put D. discuss
A. wrong B. long C. song D. lose
A. maps B. books C. seats D. pictures
A. dead B. scream C. heat D. meat
A. needed B. worked C. started D. wanted
A. idea B. bike C. opinion D. library
A. star B. far C. marvelous D. war

Ill. VOCABULARY & GRAMMAR: (4Ms) 11-30. Choose the best answer.
I want to listen to the news …………. before I leave.
A. headlines B. forecast C. film D. cartoon
Be quick! I don`t want to miss "Wheel of Fortune". This is an interesting …………………
A. drama B. folk song C. news D. quiz-show
Bad marks can create a feeling of ……………….
A. humour B. happiness C. passion D. sorrow
The miraculous invention of telephone has revolutionized the way people communicate.
A. magical B. interesting C. normal D. surprising
You can`t camp here without ………………
A. protection B. decision C. permission D. confirmation
Nowadays, some of more time-consuming jobs can be done by machines.
A. taking little time B. taking much time C. taking many time D. not affected by the time
19. In spite of her deafness, she played the violin very well.
A. inability to see B. inability to speak C. inability to hear D. being mentally retarded
20. Without the Braille Alphabet, it would be very difficult for …………..
A. the disabled B. the deaf C. the mute D. the blind
21. Mary earned a physical degree with flying colors.
A. success B. a very high grade C. fame D. intelligence
22. John is always late for class, …………… annoys the teacher.
A. that B. this C. which D. what
23. Her advice made him ………….. his mind.
A. change B. to change C. changing D. changed
24. We all feel sad ………….. the bad news.
A. because B. because of C. although D. despite
25. My sister quit her job ……………. the salary was good.
A. because of B. in spite of C. because D. even though
26. He isn`t thirst because he …………. a big glass of water.
A. drank B. have just drunk C. has just drunk D. had just drunk
27.Our grandmother ……… after she ………. ill for a long time.
A. died / was B. had died / was C. died / had been D. has died / was
28. A new bridge ………….. across the river.
A. is building B. has built C. has been build D. has been built
29. Look! It`s windy and cloudy. It ………….. rain hard.
A. will rain B. is raining C. is going to rain D. all are correct
30. A: I hear Mary is in hospital now.
B: Really? I …………… her tomorrow.
A. will see B. am seeing C. is going to see D.can see
Would you mind ______________ me a hand with these bags ?
A. give B. gave C. giving D. to giving
Yesterday when I _____________ at the station, the train ___________ for 15 minutes.
A. arrived- have left B. arrived- has left C. arrived- had left D. had arrived- left
Marie Curie earned a degree in Physics with flying colours
with a very high mark B. easily C. difficultly D. badly
Fax machine_____________ send or receive letter quickly.
A. is used for B. is used to C. used for D. used to
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