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Người gửi: Mạch Văn Hưng
Ngày gửi: 12h:11' 19-01-2021
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Period 55
Lesson 1: Getting started

1. Knowledge:
a. Vocabulary: know some words, phrases related to traffic topic
b. Grammar: The usage of “How” to ask about means of transport
2. Skills: listening and reading, choosing the best answers, reading and answering, finding the expression in the coversation, making short role play, words completion, matching, making sentences, talking to other, spoken interaction.
3. Attitude: Ss will be more responsible for using means of transport and more aware of taking part in traffic .
4. Competence development:  Teamwork and independent working, pair work, linguistic competence, cooperative learning and communicative competence
1. Teacher: Textbooks, computer accessed to the Internet, projector, pictures.
2. Students: Textbooks.
1. Checking: During the lesson
2. New lesson:

Teacher’s and students’ activities.

Warm up
Aim: To warm up the class and introduce the lesson.

T asks some Ss to answer the questions and talk some words about means of transport.

Ss answer the questions and talk some words about means of transport.
T asks Ss to match the means of transport under the right pictures (Ex 2)
Ss match the means of transport under the right pictures
T introduces the lesson

* Questions
- How/ by what means do you go to school every day ?
On foot? By bicycle? By bus? On your parents’ motorbike…
- What means of transport do you know?
(plane, bike/ bicycle, bus, boat, ship,
Train, motorbike, car)

2. Presentation
Aim: Ss can listen and read about topic “traffic ”; ask and answer about distance and give suggestions

T lets Ss listen and read the conversation
Ss listen and read the conversation

T explains some words and gives examples.
Ss listen and remember.

T gives structures with “How…?” to ask about means of transort.

Ss copy and give examples

1. Lisen and read

* Vocabulary
Hey: to have someone’s attention.
Great idea: when you strongly support or agree with something.
Can’t wait: very excited and keen to do something.

* Structures
- How far is it from …….to…..?
It is about ………
A: How far it it from your house to school?
B: It’s about one kilometer.
- How do/ does + S + V …..?
A: How do you go to school?
B: I go to school on foot.
- How about + V_ing….?
A: How about cycling to school with me tomorrow?
B: Great idea!

3. Practice
Aim: Ss can understand the conversation and answer the questions and make sentences with phrases related to traffic topic.

T asks Ss to work independently to choose the correct answer to the questions.
Ss give the results
T checks their answers, and gives explaination if necessary.

T asks Ss to work in pairs.
T lets them check the answers in pairs or groups, then gives the keys.
T calls some pairs to read the questions and give answers.

T asks Ss to match a verb on the left with a means of transport on the right.
Ss read the answers.
T corrects

T asks Ss to make sentences with these phrases.
Ss make sentences
T lets Ss stand up and go round the class and then report their result to the class

Ex a. Choose the correct answer.
1. B 2. A 3. B 4. C

Exb. Answer the following questions.
1. She played with her brother/ stayed at home.
2. It’s about 2 kilometers.
3. She usually goes to school with her dad.
4. Because sometimes there are traffic jams
5. She goes to school by bike.
Ex3. Match a verb on the left with a means of transport on the right. There may be more than one correct answer.
1. ride a bike
2. drive a car
3. fly by plane
4. sail on/ in a boat
5. get on/ get off a bus/ a train/ a bike/ a motorbike.

Eg: My father taught me how to ride a bike
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